News: Almost done!!!

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I promised a few folks I'd post an update soon. Including myself. Just thought I'd give you some evidence that I am indeed hard at work bringing the comic back up to... existence! If you count the little boxes in that picture up above, you'll see that I only have one panel to go before I can start spriting the comic, which is generally the fastest part. Your patience through all my bullshit has been much appreciated!

Oh, you want some kind of ETA? Well I'm driving down to Comic-Con this Friday to buy a toaster, so it will definitely be finished before I leave. How do you like that? I'm making reckless promises! Go me!


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    First post!?!

    anyway, I find this interesting because this is exactly how I do my first drafts. Although it isn't a webcomic, but a normal crappy one.
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    For some reason I find the comic-drafting process a lot more manageable with pencil and paper. I went and bought a new notebook the other day, and plan to fill it with Zelda Comic sketches (this being the first).
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    You know what? That's a fricken sweet idea...that...I never thought of. Well, I probably did think of it once...but whatever.

    I usually just open the comic template thing I use in good ol' Paint Shop Pro. 7 (which I highly doubt anyone uses anymore XD) and just stick sprites and stuff in places.

    And make them say things.

    Because that's kind of important. :)

    Although it could be a silent comic with just pictures.
    But that wouldn't be as cool.
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    Wow that is one nice homepage there, even if I didn't get that purple joke.
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    ...What in the world are you talking about?
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    The post was meant to have that impression, but if you must know:

    1. click on Kioso's name (or get to the profile another way)
    2. click on the homepage.
    3. every thing I mentioned should be linked to on the left side of the page.
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    How is that on any topic at all?
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    There's a topic?
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    *drags the thread back on topic*

    I don't know if you were talking to me or Blob-of-Evil but what I meant to say was I thought the drafting your comics on paper first was a good idea.

    *shot for being so freaking random*
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    *blows the smoke coming out of the barrel of his gun*

    Good to see you're trying to get back in the groove, mario! I expect a comic by Saturday! Psh, yeah right.
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    Actually, by tonight, since I'll be leaving town after work tomorrow and won't have any time for comicking. Cheer me on! I command it.
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    That is a SWEET toaster.
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    oh my god what an awesome toaster
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    That statement implys that the toaster isn't your god, and that's just silly
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